Custom by Dyspnea

Wanna 'fit more extra than Mariah, designed by you, perfect fitting for your bod that no one else will have? 

Hello, Custom!

We want you flipping through your yearbook when you're a million years old and toothless, showing off to your grand-kids how fluffing awesome you used to kick it back in the day. We'll bring your dream dress / top / skirt / cape / entire bridal party vision to life and you'll work directly with us to do it.

All our love, Jam & Rach 😘 



You want that snug, body banging, hips to the curve piece? 🍑You got it - we make the piece within a millimetre of your body shape.  Heads up, ladies - this is a time-consuming process! There's a ~lot~ of work behind each piece, so it does come at a higher price (from AU$500). However, it means there will be no bitch-stole-my-look situations coz no two dresses are the same 👑✨Also bear in mind that our silhouettes and vibe stay true to us - we will bring your design idea to life with our signature Dyspy style! 💅🏽

Side note: getting your outfit ahead of time and made to order means less wastage (the 🌏will thank you later) and it's literally scientifically proven to be the most happiness-inducing way to shop (just like earlybird booking your #vacay)!